Software Package Usage Documentation

Package introduction

RT-Thread provides a package management platform where official or developer-provided packages are stored. The platform offers developers a wide selection of reusable packages, which is an important part of the RT-Thread ecosystem.

Click here to view the officially available packages from RT-Thread, most of which have detailed documentation and usage examples.


As of 2019-10-31, the number of packages is 150+

Package tools, as part of Env, provide developers with the management functions such as download, update, delete, and more.

Entering pkgs on the Env command line can see the introduction to the command:

> pkgs
        usage: package [-h] [--update] [--list] [--wizard] [--upgrade]

        optional arguments:
        -h, --help  show this help message and exit
            --update    update packages, install or remove the packages as you set in
        --list      list target packages
        --wizard    create a package with wizard
        --upgrade   update local packages list from git repo
        --printenv  print environmental variables to check

Download, update, delete packages

Before you can download and update a package, you need to open the package you want to operate in menuconfig.

These packages are located under the RT-Thread online packages menu, which you can see the package categories as below:

Package classification

Select the package you need, save and exit menuconfig. At this point, the package has been marked, but has not been downloaded to the local, so it is not available.

  • Download: If the package has been selected locally, but not downloaded, enter: pkgs --update the package will be downloaded automatically;
  • Update: If the selected package has an update on the server side and the version number selects the latest. Enter: pkgs --update, the package will be updated locally;
  • Delete: If you don't need to use a package again, uncheck it in menuconfig before you execute: pkgs --update. Packages that have been downloaded locally but are not selected will be deleted.

RT-Thread follows the Apache License 2.0 free software license. It's completely open-source, can be used in commercial applications for free, does not require the disclosure of code, and has no potential commercial risk.

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